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The name of this place says it all, Turkey Hill Experience, is seriously quite the experience! If you are an ice cream or iced tea lover even in the slightest, Turkey Hill Experience is the place for you! My sister and I took our kids to Turkey Hill Experience and we all loved every minute of our time spent there. I am always on the lookout for a great bargain, so before we went I got online and found free Turkey Hill Experience Coupons, it was so easy all I had to do was print the Online Coupons and take them with me when I went!

The Turkey Hill experience is a 26,000 square foot attraction in Lancaster County Pennsylvania that is dedicated to Turkey Hill ice cream and iced tea products. There are so many fun things there that the whole family will enjoy; activities, gift shops, and a lot of opportunities to test the Turkey Hill products.

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My sister and I enjoyed going inside the Tearoom and experiencing different teas that are popular in different regions of the world. Travel the World of Tea exhibit was a relaxing environment where we were able to learn about tea and got to see which tea matched our own personality. The kids of course enjoyed the ice cream exhibits; they were able to walk around interactive exhibits to see how Turkey Hill makes their ice cream, it started with how they get their milk and cream, to the homogenization and pasteurization process, and ended with them measuring their own ice cream batch. They loved that they were able to make their own ice cream concoction, where they customized their ingredients and designed their own packaging. We then froze for a minute in the blast freezer, but it was worth it because we got free samples of Turkey Hill ice cream! We loved the ice cream so much that we went home and found some Grocery Store Coupons online and bought our own Turkey Hill ice cream to enjoy everyday!

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Overall, we all really loved visiting Turkey Hill Experience and because of how affordable it was by using our free printable Turkey Hill Experience Coupons, we will be making more regular visits. Do not wait any longer, come and see for yourselves why Turkey Hill Experience is really an experience to remember!

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